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D&O Diary Spotlights ‘The Global Rise in Collective Investor Actions’

Kevin LaCroix, author of the D&O Diary, spotlights the recent growth of collective investor actions on a global stage. LaCroix notes Columbia University Law Professor John Coffee’s recent blog which details “how entrepreneurial U.S.-based plaintiffs’ law firms have managed to circumvent apparent local obstacles and succeed in pursuing collective investor actions even in otherwise inhospitable legal environments”.

The most recent examples of this type of case can be found in the Netherlands and Japan. Coffee attributes this growth to the advent of a “synthetic class action” by U.S. plaintiffs’ firm.

LaCroix concludes, “The likelihood is that we will continue to see growth in the development of collective investor actions outside the U.S., as the combination of corporate scandals, third-party litigation funding and legislative reform continue to drive these procedures”.

For more details and to read the full article, click here.


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